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Newheek provide of various bucky stand

Newheek offers a wide variety of bucky stand, including a variety bucky stand, a bucky stand, a portable stand-up bucky stand, a mobile bucky stand, a car bucky stand, an electric bucky stand, a DRbucky stand, and an x-bucky stand. As we know, bucky stand is a necessary photographic device for medical units. It can perform X-ray examination of the human body parts of the head, chest and pelvis.
A brief introduction to Newheek X-ray Bucky stand special-purpose for DR:
Structure & Specification
Application of bucky wall stand
It mainly consists of column, sliding rail, radiography film container and balancing device , electric device, and mobile base parts.

Radiology Film Container Max Travel: 1000mm;
Max X Ray Radiology Film Size: 43cmx43cm (17″x17″)

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