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Our Newheek dr vertical bucky stand

The dr vertical bucky stand is a device for imaging with an X-ray machine. When buying an X-ray machine, many customers will buy it with a vertical bucky stand. The DR vertical bucky stand is a kind of vertical bucky stand, which refers to a bucky stand specially equipped for DR flat panel detectors. In fact, almost all bucky stands can be equipped with flat panel detectors. The thickness of the general flat panel detector is about 1.5cm, and the slot width of the bucky stand is more than 2cm, so the general bucky stand is suitable.
We in Newheek have various types of DR vertical bucky stand. There are convenient and economical wall-mounted mobile models, DR-specific models, side-ejection models that can be placed on the grid, and cart-type film racks that can shoot the head on the top and the feet on the bottom. If you have any needs, please contact us.

Introduction to wall bucky installation

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