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Our Newheek’s vertical bucky stand

The vertical bucky stand is what we call the chest film rack, also called the film rack. Generally, the vertical bucky stand is a photographic auxiliary device that can be moved up and down and matched with various X-ray machines. It can be used for X-ray examination of various parts of the human body such as the chest, head, abdomen, and pelvis. Easy to use, it is a necessary conventional equipment for radiology departments (rooms) of various medical units.
As far as my country’s medical device manufacturers are concerned, there are more domestic bucky stand brands. So what kind of vertical bucky stand can better meet the requirements of hospitals? When purchasing a vertical bucky stand, hospitals can refer to some of the characteristics and selection criteria of our Newheek vertical bucky stand.
1. Compact appearance, exquisite structure, novel and beautiful appearance;
2. The fixed bracelet bolts are used for positioning, which occupies a small area and is easy to operate and use;
3. The distance between the panel and the film is short, and the photographic distortion is small;
4. The dense-grained wire grid imported from South Korea is standard, with good clarity and contrast.

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