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Portable bucky stand is used for hanging X-ray machines

Portable bucky stand is suitable for human chest photography and is an important part of human detection. A high quality image chain equipped with a suspended X-ray machine that produces perfect images. In pursuit of excellent images, the image is smooth, delicate, clear and distinct, effectively ensuring the organic balance of image quality and radiation dose.
portable bucky stand
The whole version has excellent performance, large size, effective detection area, and meets the requirements of photographing all parts of the human body. The tube can move accordingly as the height of the bed is checked or the position of the portable bucky stand changes. Professional image processing system, powerful and independent image acquisition software, humanized image post-processing software and instant image processing technology. The chest shelf is equipped with a stable and reliable amorphous silicon flat detector.
Ensure the stability of the machine in complex environments and high quality images. Reduce the possibility of radiation hazards, low maintenance costs.
Newheek portable bucky stand is divided into vertical, suspension and mobile. Flexible and convenient operation, no projection dead Angle, one button in place, convenient and fast. The installation of Newheek portable bucky stand is simple. There is no need for door-to-door installation. It only needs to be fixed on the ground or fixed on the mobile base.
The Neweek portable bucky stand can be easily operated and can relieve the working pressure of medical staff. Meet the needs of different customers.

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