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Precautions for using vertical bucky stand

When installing the vertical bucky stand, try to keep the vertical center of the film box consistent with the overlap of the tube, otherwise the image will appear bright and dark on the other side.
Ensure that the convergence distance is about 180cm to maintain the sharpness of the film
Pay attention to the selection of filming conditions (kV, mA)
Carefully pinch your hands during use and be careful of falling
Vertical bucky stand When the brake wheel is locked, it is forbidden to push or pull the device, so as not to damage the brake components and make it impossible to use normally.
In the state of vertical bucky stand in transportation or storage and packaging, the equipment must be able to be placed for more than 15 weeks under environmental conditions that do not exceed the following range. Temperature -40℃~55℃; Humidity ≤90﹪; Atmospheric pressure 500kpa~1060kpa
Store in a non-corrosive gas and well-ventilated room
Keep the equipment room clean and dry frequently, and wipe the surface of each moving track frequently, and there must be no dust and debris
Regularly check the bearing of the vertical bucky stand for damage and lack of oil, and if necessary, apply clean grease after cleaning
Regularly maintain the vertical bucky stand brake wheels to keep the brakes effective
The steel wire rope of the suspending weight is recommended to be replaced every two years; the contact gap adjustment between the moving parts and the track bearing assembly should be carried out once a year; the product should be inspected and repaired by professionals after the product fails
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