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Principle of bucky stand radiography

Bucky stand radiography is to make the human body form an image on the screen or film on the chest scaffold. bucky stand radiography is related to the characteristics of X-ray and the density of human tissues.
X-ray has penetration, fluorescence effect, photographic effect and ionization effect. Photographic effect is the basic effect of X-ray imaging.
Because of the difference in density and thickness of human tissues, X-rays are absorbed differently when they pass through human tissues. The amount of X-rays reaching the screen or film will vary, forming different images with black-white contrast.
Principle of bucky stand radiography
The density of human tissue structure can be classified into three categories. High density tissue has skeleton and calcification focus. Medium density tissues include cartilage, muscle, nerve, parenchymal organs and fluid in the body. Low density tissues contain fat, gases in the lungs, stomach and other organs.
X-ray is absorbed less through low-density tissue, and it reaches the screen or film to participate in the reaction more. Therefore, it presents black image on the screen or film, while it shows white image on the screen or film when it passes through high-density tissue.
This is how bucky stand radiography works, do you know?
Principle of bucky stand radiography

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