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Recently received buckystand orders from Korean customers

South Korea has confirmed 476 new cases of coronary pneumonia, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 4212, according to the ministry of epidemic prevention of the central committee of the People’s Republic of Korea.

South Korea confirmed more than 4,000 new cases of coronary pneumonia on Tuesday, after more than 3,000 cases were confirmed on April 29.

South Korea’s central government has released a new treatment management plan to address the shortage of hospital beds.According to the new scheme, patients are divided into mild, moderate, severe and most severe patients according to the severity of the disease.Patients with moderate or severe cases were promptly treated in negative pressure wards or national designated hospitals, while patients with mild cases were treated in “life treatment centres” located in public facilities.The life treatment center is also equipped with medical staff, according to the judgment of the medical staff, patients with mild illness can be transferred to the hospital for treatment at any time.

They need our X-ray equipment to examine patients or suspected patients.

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