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Samiple bucky stand

The simple bucky stand is Newheek’s lowest-priced bucky stand. But the simple bucky stand has the same function as the ordinary bucky stand, and can check the X-ray of the human body’s head, chest, abdomen, pelvis and other parts of the human body.

Newheek simple bucky stand features:

◆Compact structure, small footprint and easy installation;

◆Single pillar, internal balance;

◆ manual movement, mechanical locking;

◆The photo cassette is open for door opening and can be opened 180 degrees;

◆ Set the probe board window to facilitate access to the AEC system;

◆ High quality imported fixed grid.

Vertical photography frame (chest rack) technical parameters:

◆ Photographic box size (mm): 480×550

◆Photograph box center lifting range (mm): 300-1600


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