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Side bucky stand that can be used with DR

In this article, we come to know the side bucky stand. The main difference between the side bucky stand and the previous bucky stands is the difference in the film box. Pull out sideways. Side bucky stand overview: The medical diagnostic side-flag chest radiograph is a combination of the existing medical X-ray machine and the device to take pictures of the human head, chest, abdomen, pelvis, etc. Check to achieve the purpose of diagnosing the lesion. The common name of this product is a vertical chest frame. Structure and technical parameters of side-mounted chest radiograph frame: Structure: The device is composed of uprights, trolley frame, film box (the box can be pulled out), and balance device.
Technical Parameters:
(1) The maximum travel of the photo box is 1100mm;
(2) Maximum film size: 17 “× 17”;

The main technical parameters of the vertical bucky stand:
(1) The moving distance of the film box center up and down is 1100mm;
(2) The size of the photo cassette that holds the film is 203mm × 254mm (8 ″ × 10 ″) to 356mm × 432mm (14 ″ × 17 ″);
(3) Filter grid (optional):
1) Grid density: 40 lines / cm;
2) Gate ratio: 10: 1;
3) Convergence distance: 180cm.

What are the dimensions of the cartridge on the radiology bucky stand that can hold the film

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