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Side mounted Bucky Stand for FPD & cassette

Side mounted Bucky Stand for FPD & cassette

1.Model Name: NK17SG
2.Application: It is suitable for photographic inspection of the human head, chest,abdomen,pelvis and other parts.
3.Function: The device is composed of a column, a carriage, a film box (a film cart that canbe pulled out of the device in the box), a balance device, and other parts. It can beadapted to different sizes of ordinary X-ray film cassettes and CR IP boards. And DR flat paneldetector.
4. The film box is on the right side, and the mobile base can be selected to become a mobilefilm holder (NK17SY type).(size of mobile base: 70 x 46 x 11 cm)

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Frequently Asked Questions about Motorized Fixed DR Chest Racks

1. What is a Bucky Rack Application?
The Newheek bucky holder can be paired with DR, CR cassettes and X-ray film cassettes for different X-ray applications.

2. Do you have a mobile bucky stand?
Of course, any of our bucky stands can implement a mobile app if you want. Just contact our service.

3. I want to do a 17″x17″ radiograph, does your quilt meet the requirements?
Yes, we have the associated 17″x17″ Bucky Stand to shoot 43cmx43cm X-ray film.

4. Can your bucky brackets be installed with flat panel detectors?
Yes, our bucky brackets can mount different makes and models of flat panel detectors.

5. Is it difficult to install?
No, it’s not. It’s easy to install. The fixed type only needs to be fixed with 4 φM8 expansion screws. As for the mobile type, just install the mobile board.

6. Can your cloth base frame be used for children’s X-rays?
certainly. Our bucky brackets can perform both adult and pediatric radiographs.

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