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Side out chest radiograph bucky stand

Chest bucky stand, also known as film frame, it is suitable for the head, chest, abdomen, pelvic cavity and other parts of the human body for film examination. The film frame is composed of column, slide frame, film box and balance device. We have wall-mounted, side-out, formal, DR-specific and push-up models. We are curious about the side of the chest radiography frame, the following small series is mainly about the side of the chest radiography frame.
The maximum stroke of this side-out film box is 1100mm; Its slot width is suitable for the thickness of the board is less than 20mm, this board can be a flat detector, can also be a black box; Its cartridge sizes are 5 “x 7” to 17 “x 17”, within which flat panel detectors or cartridges can fit. In addition, the side chest radiography frame can also be placed wire filter grid: ① grid density: 40 lines /cm; ② Grid ratio: 10:1; ③ Convergence distance: 180cm. If you want to move the side out chest radiography stand, you can match it with the moving base.
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