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Simple bucky stand to use with flat panel detector

Customers come to consult our simple bucky stand. The customer just bought a set of X-ray machine and needs our simple bucky stand to match their 17’’×17’’ wireless flat panel detector. After customers saw our simple bucky stand product from the website, they felt that the price and performance of this simple bucky stand were more in line with their requirements, so they wanted to find out. Let’s take a look at this simple bucky stand:
The simple bucky stand is composed of a column, a sliding frame, and a film holder. It can be used with various sizes of ordinary X-ray film cassettes, CR IP boards and flat panel detectors with (without) wires;
The main technical parameters:
The total height of the photo frame is 1500mm (1800mm can be customized);
The width of the photo frame is 455mm;
The minimum travel of the film box is 1000mm;
Recommended installation height: ≥500mm from the ground
Card slot width ≤35mm (compatible with most DR flat panel detectors, CR IP boards, and ordinary cassettes);
Maximum film size: unrestricted (the film clip spacing is adjustable);
Installation method: hanging on the wall (recommended distance from the ground 500mm);
Suitable size of film clip: 5 “×7 “—17 “×17 “or larger.
Can be equipped with a mobile base to become a mobile simple bucky stand

simple bucky stand

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