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Simple wall mounted bucky stand

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Simple wall mounted bucky stand
Properties: Medical X-ray Equipments & Accessories
Brand Name: Newheek
Model Number: NKDRSGW
Place of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland)
film sending method: frontal
Minimum travel: 1000mm
cassette container size: free for 14*17, 17*17 or DR
dense grid: 40Lp/cm
Grid Ratio: 10:1
Focus: 180cm
Overall height: 1500mm (accept customized height max. 1800mm)
Customization: available
Certificate: ISO9001 ISO13485

The device consists of a bucky tray set, a pair of track and a balance device.
Applicable to different sizes of normal x ray cassettes, CR cassette and DR flat panel detector.

1. Overall height 1500mm (accept customized height max. 1800mm)
2. Width: 455mm;
3. Minimum travel: 1000mm;
4. Max bucky size: free size;
5. Install: mounted on the wall (suggest 500mm above floor)

Product Diagram

wall-mounted vertical bucky stand
Picture of Simple Wall Mounted Bucky Stand

Picture of Simple Wall Mounted Bucky Stand with CR cassette

1. Simplified structure, utilize minimum space;
2. Easy to install, simple operation, easy to disassemble and carry;
3. Small size and light weight, save transportation cost;
4. Unique L-shaped rotary handle locking, easy for lifting the bucky;
5. Easy to focus the center;
6. 35mm-deep bucky slot, suitable for different size of cassettes, CR cassette and flat panel detector.


Newheek Advantages:

Original manufacturer of  x-ray machine accessories for more than 16 years.

√  Customers could find all kinds of x-ray machine parts here.

√ Offer on line technological support.

√ Promise super product quality with best price and service.

√ Support the third part inspection before delivery.

√ Ensure the shortest delivery time.

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FAQ The common problems on the Simple Wall Mounted Bucky Stand

1. What is the bucky stand application?
Newheek bucky stand can match with DR, CR cassette and x ray film cassette for realize different x ray application.

2. Do you have mobile bucky stand ?
Sure, ours any bucky stand  can realize mobile application if you want. Just contact our service is ok.

3. I want to make 17″x17″ radiography, does your bucky stand meet the requirement?
Yes, we have the related 17″x17″ bucky stand to take 43cmx43cm x ray film radiography.

4. Does your bucky stand can install flat panel detector?
Yes, our bucky stand can install different brand and models of flat panel detector.

5. Is it difficult to install?
No, it isn’t. It is easy to install. As for the fixed type, it just needs to use 4 pieces of φM8 expansion screws to fix. As for the mobile type, it just needs to install the mobile plate is ok.

6. Does your bucky stand can make child radiography?
Sure. Our bucky stand can both make adult and child radiography.

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