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The Best Partner of Mobile DRX Optical Machine Vertical bucky stand

In the process of standing filming, we often use what we often call a chest bucky stand to assist shooting, and the bucky stand is also called a vertical bucky stand. With the increasing usage rate of the mobile DRX optical machine market, the vertical bucky stand has also become the best partner for the mobile DRX optical machine. Our company is a professional vertical bucky stand manufacturer. Let us follow the editor today Let’s learn about one of them, the simple mobile bucky stand.
1. Uses: It is suitable for taking pictures of the head, chest, abdomen, pelvic cavity and other parts of the human body;
2. Function: This device is composed of a column, a slide frame and a film holder, which can be adapted to the dark space of ordinary X-ray films of various sizes.
box, CR’s IP board and wired/wireless flat panel detectors;
3. Main technical parameters
① The total height of the photo frame is 1500mm (1800mm can be customized);
② The width of the camera frame is 455mm;
③ The minimum stroke of the film box is 1000mm (the size of the tablet/cassette is 1717);
④ Recommended installation height: the bottom of the camera frame is ≥500mm from the ground
⑤ Card slot width <30mm (compatible with most DR flat panel detectors, CR IP boards, and ordinary cassettes);
⑥Maximum film size: unlimited (the distance between film clips is adjustable);
⑦ Installation method: hanging on the wall (500mm from the ground is recommended);
⑧ Applicable size of film holder: 5〞×7〞—17〞×17〞 or larger.
4. The mobile base can be selected to become a mobile photo stand (the size of the mobile base: 70×46×11 cm)
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