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The classification of bucky stand

The bucky stand is an important part of the X-ray machine. Newheek bucky stand can be divided into different types according to different classification methods. First, bucky stand is mainly divided into fixed type and mobile type.
Secondly, bucky’s lifting mode can be divided into electric type, manual type and inverted type. According to the mounting mode, it can be divided into formal mounting and side mounting. The size of the chip box is divided into 14*17 inches, 17*17 inches, dedicated to DR.
The classification of bucky stand
The full height of Newheek bucky stand is about two meters, which is usually composed of four parts, namely, upright post, sliding frame, bucky and balancing device. In addition, our bucky stand can be equipped with filter grid and mobile base. Our filter grid is divided into convergence grid, parallel grid, cross grid and arc grid. Meet your different purchasing needs.
The Newheek bucky stand is usually divided into three receiving methods, film, IP board and flat detector, which can be combined according to your needs.
Bucky stand during transport or storage packaging state, the device must be able to in no conditions placed over the following 15 weeks or more, temperature – 40 ℃ ~ 55 ℃, humidity is 90 or less.
Newheek bucky stand can meet your different purchasing needs.

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