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The flat panel detector can be installed on the bucky stand

At present, many hospitals require the installation of bucky stand, but customers are not very clear about the function and purpose of the bucky stand. I want everyone to make a brief introduction. The bucky stand is actually a stand for installing the DR flat panel detector. It cannot be used alone. It must be used with X-ray machines and flat panel detectors to achieve imaging. For use with an ordinary filming machine, put the film box on the film holder, keep the distance between the tube and the bucky stand at about 1.8 meters, and then align the center of the tube with the center of the bucky stand. When the center is aligned, the X-ray machine is started, and the X-rays are irradiated on the film box with the bucky stand, and the film on the film rack is imaged. Similarly, the IP board of CR and the flat panel detector of DR can be placed on the bucky stand.
The customer said he knew this shooting mode, but they are currently developing a new product DR device. Since the tube cannot be rotated, the X-ray cannot be directly irradiated on the bucky stand, and the shooting cannot be completed. If our bucky stand can be equipped with tube equipment, then their newly developed DR can reduce the bracket. Inform customers that the current bucky stand does not have this function, but a simple framework, mainly used with x-ray machines. If used with DR equipment, only need to put the flat panel detector in the bucky stand cassette, and then realize DR digital imaging.
Dear agents and customers, when you read this article, you should know what kind of equipment a bucky stand is.

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