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The structure of the X ray bucky stand

Do you understand the structure of bucky x ray? Do you know how bucky x ray is installed? I will introduce you to the structure of bucky x ray today.
Bucky x ray, including pleural mounting brackets and straps. Two retaining rings are secured to the sides of the mounting bracket of the Bucky bracket, and the straps are secured within each retaining ring. Two opposing straps are connected by a snap.
Newheekbucky x ray is simple in structure, easy to operate, and low in manufacturing cost, allowing accurate positioning without the need for a caregiver. It shortens the distance between the human body and the chest, reduces image distortion, and has high diagnostic accuracy.
Bucky x ray
Column height: 2200mm
Bucky up and down stroke: 1400mm 10mm (electric)
Bucky minimum: 450 mm 10 mm
Newheek bucky x ray’s intelligent positioning is efficient and easy for chest X-ray photography, easy to control and accurate. It solves the problem of low positioning efficiency, inconvenient chest X-ray photography, and accurate positioning of bucky x ray.
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