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The type of bucky stand.

What kind of upright bucky stand should I choose

The bucky stand is a camera auxiliary device that can be moved up and down with the medical X-ray machine. It can be used with various X-ray machines to carry out various parts of the human body such as the head, chest, abdomen, pelvis and joints. X-ray film inspection.

Newheek’s bucky stands include: manual bucky stands, electric bucky stands, mobile bucky stands, fixed bucky stands, and DR-specific bucky stands.

What are the dimensions of the cartridge on the radiology bucky stand that can hold the film

Newheek bucky stands can be assembled into different types depending on the application: cassette size: 14″ x 17″ or 17″ x 17″; fixed and mobile; wireless DR and wired DR; manual and electric.

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