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The type of chest bucky

Chest bucky is an important part of the X-ray machine. The Newheek bucky stand up-and-down camera auxiliary device, a up-and-down camera device. Chest bucky can be assembled into different models based on actual use.
Newheek chest bucky is broken down into these eight models:
NK14SG, 14 “x17” bucky, manual lift, fixed mounting.
NK17SG, 17 “X17” bucky, manual lift and fixed mounting.
NK14DG, 14 “x17” bucky, electric lift fixed installation.
NK17DG, 17 “x17” bucky, electric lift and fixed mounting.
NKDRSG, DR type, manual lifting, fixed mounting.
NKDRSY, DR type, manual lifting, movement type.
NKDRDG, DR type, electric lift mounting.
NKDRDY, DR type, electric lift, mobile type.
The type of chest bucky
Newheek chest bucky is compact in shape, delicate in structure, novel and beautiful in shape. It adopts fixed bracelet bolts for positioning, occupies a small area and is easy to operate and use.The distance from the panel to the film is short and the photographic distortion is small.
Also, our chest bucky is available with a filter gate and a removable base.
Our chest bucky can meet your different procurement needs.

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