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Susan Hite said that remote work allows many companies to continue operations and ensure the health and safety of employees. Those who can work remotely during a health crisis are able to share three meals with their families. Work has been people-oriented to meet the needs of family education and caring for children and the elderly.

However, the line between these employees ’working hours and private time has become blurred, leading to increased pressure and mental health risks.

Susan Haight said that in the face of the rapid economic recession and the surge in unemployment caused by the pandemic, we should use these changes in work patterns to design new work-sharing mechanisms to achieve job flexibility and retain jobs. This may mean shortening weekly work hours or sharing work arrangements, avoiding vacations during economic downturns, and adjusting work time arrangements to achieve a better long-term work-life balance.

Susan Haight said that the digital transformation of work and the possibility of working remotely also bring other benefits, such as the possibility of extending the life of working for older and experienced workers, and for people in rural communities. Career Opportunities. But for many others, remote work exacerbates isolation and the loss of identity and purpose. The social value of work and the dignity and sense of belonging we get from work cannot be replaced by virtual spaces.
Developing countries such as Nepal may have the opportunity to benefit from the global shift to remote work.
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