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Use of side loading x-ray bucky stand

The use of the x-ray bucky stand provides convenience for the examination of all parts of the human body. The side loading x-ray bucky stand facilitates the collection and release of the bucky.
(1) Hold the handlebar of the cartridge, pull out the cartridge in the cartridge box, clip the selected cartridge (or IP board) into the moving cartridge, push the cartridge down, and place the cartridge (or IP board) in the upper and lower cartridge clamp, and clamp it tightly;
(2) push the tablet car into the box body and fasten it tightly.
(3) Release the locking handle, adjust the height of the trolley frame according to the photographic position, reach the appropriate height of the photographic box, after adjusting, lock the handle, you can take pictures.
(4) After the film is finished, pull out the cartridge, take out the cartridge (or IP board) from the clip, and push the cartridge into the cartridge.
Note: When the cartridge (or IP board) is taken out, the movable clip should be slowly lowered to prevent the damage of the clip and slider caused by the strong backforce.
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