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Uses of DR chest bucky

DR chest bucky is a rack specially configured for X-ray machines such as mobile DR X-ray machines and fixed DR film machines. The main function of DR chest bucky is to place flat panel detectors or cassettes. However, there are fewer and fewer users using cassettes in China, so our DR film rack is almost designed for DR flat panel detectors.
DR chest bucky is also known as vertical film stand, bucky stand, film stand, etc. Briefly introduce our DR chest bucky:
1. Purpose of DR chest bucky: suitable for radiographic inspection of the head, chest, abdomen, pelvis and other parts of the human body
2. The function of DR chest bucky: The DR chest bucky device is composed of a column, a sliding frame, a film box and a balance device, which can be adapted to various sizes.
Inch DR flat panel detector, CR IP board and ordinary film cassette.
3. The main technical parameters of DR chest bucky
① The maximum stroke of the film box moving up and down is 1100mm;
② The width of the card slot is suitable for boards with a thickness of ≤35mm;
③ The left-right and up-and-down deviation between the center of the DR flat panel detector and the center of the cassette is not more than ±5mm
④ Within the stroke range, the left and right deviation of the center of the film box is not more than ±5mm
⑤ Dimensions of DR flat panel detector, CR IP board, and cassette:
The size of DR flat panel detector, CR IP board and cassette: 5 “×7 “-17 “×17 ”
The maximum size that the film holder can hold up and down is 495mm, and the left and right widths are not limited.
Optional mobile pedestal to become mobile DR chest bucky.

DR chest bucky

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