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Uzbekistan customer inquiry bucky stand

Uzbekistan customers see our bucky stand on our website and contact us for consultation. The customer sent us the link of the small cart-style bucky stand, expressing interest in this product. We confirm to the customer whether it is used with a flat-panel detector, the size of the flat-panel detector and whether there is a handle. Customers said they have 1417 and 1717 regular size flat panel detectors without handles. We reply to customers that this bucky stand can be used and make a quotation. Customers feel that the price is high. We also recommended a cheap and simple mobile bucky stand for customers, introduced the operation method to customers, and sent photos. The customer is quite satisfied with the simple mobile bucky stand and said to contact us after reporting to the leader.
If you are also interested in bucky stand, please call for consultation.

trolley style bucky stand

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