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Vertical bucky stand, an indispensable equipment for chest filming

Many hospital dealers call newheek to buy a vertical bucky stand. For most people, the vertical bucky stand is “just what you see, but you don’t know its name”, because you have basically done chest X-rays, but for some people, the term vertical bucky stand is very little known. . Today, let me tell you what the diagnostic equipment we use to check the body is, what functions it has, and what advantages it has.
.If I go out and talk to others about the vertical bucky stand, you definitely don’t know what it is, but after you see it, it turns out to be this. You only know that the bucky stand can only check the chest, then you are very wrong. It can not only check the chest, but also check the head, abdomen, pelvis and other parts. It can be said that all organs of the body can be basically checked, which greatly improves the efficiency.
Some friends who are more curious must ask how to check our body, why can the tall and short ones be tested. This involves the structure of our vertical bucky stand.
The vertical bucky stand is composed of three parts: a bracket, a slide rail, and a cassette. The X-ray image is formed through the cassette in the middle, which is transmitted from the cassette to the computer to form an image. There is a problem of height and shortness. How to solve it, is the sliding frame that I will talk about below, through which the sliding frame can move up and down, the height problem is well solved, and all the conceivable problems of this vertical bucky stand collection are included. Why don’t you say that the hospital has such a chest X-ray stand.
Many dealers and hospitals will also ask, is there any difference between your vertical chest X-ray frame and other medical equipment manufacturers?
First, look at the quality. The raw materials for our vertical chest X-ray frames are imported from abroad. The raw materials are definitely the best. This is a confirmation from many hospitals and distributors. Furthermore, there are many types of IP version in our vertical bucky stand box, and it is still being researched and developed. It can be said that ourbucky stand is the most advanced and the best quality.
Speaking of this, many friends also understand. Those who want to know more can call for detailed consultation.


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