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Vertical bucky stand and DR

The vertical bucky stand is what we usually call the bucky stand, and the DR is the DR system of the flat panel detector.
The vertical bucky stand and DR are used together. Put the DR in the cassette of the bucky stand, which is what we call a flat panel detector, and it can be used. Our vertical bucky stand can shoot the head at the highest and the foot at the lowest. And our vertical bucky stand can be installed on the base to become a movable bucky stand, which is very convenient and portable.
1. The vertical bucky stand is a medical X-ray filming device, which is used in conjunction with a medical X-ray machine
2. The vertical bucky stand can perform X-ray imaging inspections of multiple parts of the human body such as the head, chest, abdomen, joints, and limbs.
3. The vertical bucky stand is easy to use and is a necessary conventional medical equipment for radiology departments (rooms) of medical units.

Vertical bucky stand

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