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Vertical radiology bucky stands for X-ray machine

Digital medical X-ray photography system, equipped with vertical radiology bucky stands, can easily realize digital photography without changing the shooting habit, without changing the structure of the machine room, easy completion of equipment installation, and easy realization of five-second conversion without waiting for crossbar switch. The out-of-bed examination can be done easily without transferring the critically ill patient. The space requirement of machine room is low, which meets the installation requirement of small clearance. Single board multi-functional, multi-angle, multi-position omnidirectional application.
Newheek vertical radiology bucky stands as a medical X-ray device that combined with a medical X-ray machine can perform X-ray examination on multiple parts of the human body, such as the head, chest, abdomen, joints, limbs and so on.The film frame is composed of a column, a slide frame and a film recorder. Compact structure, easy to install.
The sliding rack can be moved up and down easily and can be positioned arbitrarily.Select filter grid, image clear.
Newheek’s new vertical radiology bucky stands x-ray configuration offers a complete solution. The latest DR technology brings the latest digital imaging technology. The most complete DR system; Includes complete x-rays, digital panels, acquisition workstations, exposure interfaces, high-end computer technology, complete software packages with the most powerful features, extended warranty periods, and field installers and trainers to ensure customer satisfaction. Can configure common X ray machine already, also can configure suspension X ray machine, install suspension X ray machine to the floor to wall or from the floor to the ceiling, can realize ball tube accurate alignment, in order to achieve no Angle, inclined and vertical view.
Newheek vertical radiology bucky stands can be configured arbitrarily.
vertical radiology bucky stands

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