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Wall stand imaging

Wall stand is designed to photograph the head, chest, abdomen, joints and other parts of the human body by combining with various X-ray machines.
Newheek bucky stand is mainly composed of four parts: column, slide frame, slide box and balancing device.Filter grid as our optional components.And our filter grid according to the structure is divided into parallel grid, convergent grid, cross grid, arc grid, you can choose according to your needs.
Wall stand imaging
The height of our wall stand is about two meters, and the size of film box is divided into 14 17 and 17 17 inches.
Newheek wall stand is divided into fixed type, mobile type and suspended type.And easy to install.The wall stand can be installed with movable base according to customers’ requirements.It can receive three static imaging methods, film, IP board and flat panel detector.
Newheek high quality wall stand can meet your different purchasing needs.

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