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What are the classifications of vertical bucky stands?

First of all, let us first understand what is a bucky stand.
A medical X-ray stand is a device used to support and fix X-ray films. It is usually made of metal material, with stable structure and adjustable function to adapt to X-ray films of different sizes and shapes. Bucky stands are often used in X-ray rooms or radiology departments of medical institutions to support and maintain the posture of the patient’s body or organs and to ensure accurate X-ray imaging results. By using the stand, doctors and technicians can more easily diagnose and evaluate a patient’s illne ss or injury.
For the vertical chest X-ray stand, it is mainly divided into the following categories:
According to the fixed method, it can be divided into: fixed and mobile.
According to the purpose and performance, it can be divided into: wall-mounted, side-out, DR-only, and cart-type.
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