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What can I put in the bucky stand?

Recently, customers from Italy purchased a bucky stand from our company. He made a very interesting question when he was purchasing. He asked if our bucky in radiology could put a grid? Then I sent the customer a photo of our bucky in radiology loaded with grid. So the question is, what can be put in newheek bucky in radiology?
In fact, as long as the size is right, bucky in radiology can put DR or cassette. And you can place the grid at the same time when placing the DR and the cassette.
For you to introduce a Newheek Electric type vertical bucky in radiology NK14DY:

Product Application
Medical X Ray Chest Radiography Stand can be used with the medical X-Ray machine for the checkup of head, chest, stomach, pelvic cavity etc to get the exact diagnoses.
Consists of Column ,cassette,travel rack and balance base.

Standard configuration
      Column 1 Set
      Film Box 1 Set

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