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What types of bucky stand are there?

According to different application scenarios and needs, there are many different styles of X-ray machine stand, including but not limited to the following:
1. Wall-mounted film stand: It is suitable for use in places with limited space such as hospitals and clinics. It can be hung on the wall to facilitate hospital staff to perform filming operations.
2. Fixed camera stand: It is suitable for use in hospitals, medical centers and other medical institutions with large space. It is installed on the ground and can conveniently take X-ray films of various parts.
3. Push-type film stand: This kind of film stand is suitable for places that need to move X-ray machines, such as sports venues, performing arts centers, etc.
4. Ceiling-mounted camera stand: suitable for large objects or equipment that need to be positioned for shooting, such as machinery and equipment in factories, aviation maintenance sites, etc. This camera frame usually requires special hoisting equipment to be installed.
5. Mobile camera stand: This kind of camera stand is usually equipped with wheels, which can be easily moved to different positions for shooting. It is often used in medical services under conditions such as field and remote conditions.
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