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What’s the wall mounted bucky stand?

Newheek wall mounted bucky stand provides quick and easy routine X-ray exposure to standing or sitting patients, Suitable for radiography on the head, chest, abdomen, pelvic cavity, and extremities.

The Wall mounted bucky stand provides the best access from the left or right side and makes it easy to ergonomically operate the entire system with one hand. Balance can be easily moved vertically.

The Wall mounted bucky stand is equipped with Bucky and can be loaded from the left or right side.

Let me take a closer look at the Newheek Wall mounted bucky stand:


The device consists of a bucky tray set, a pair of track and a balance device.
Applicable to different sizes of normal x ray cassettes, CR cassette and DR flat panel detector.


1. Overall height 1500mm (accept customized height max. 1800mm)
2. Width: 455mm;
3. Minimum travel: 1000mm;
4. Max bucky size: free size;
5. Install: mounted on the wall (suggest 500mm above floor)
1. Simplified structure, utilized minimum space;
2. Easy to install, simple operation, easy to disassemble and carry;
3. Small size and light weight, save transportation cost;
4. Unique L-shaped rotary handle locking, easy for lifting the bucky;
Easy to focus the center;
6. 35mm-deep bucky slot, suitable for different size of cassettes, CR cassette and flat panel

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