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X-ray Bucky Stand Installation

Today we mainly talk about the installation and maintenance of the 14 “X17” electric X-ray Bucky Stand.
The X-ray Bucky Stand is also called the Chest Stand. Its commercial name is the vertical Chest Stand.
The electric X-ray Bucky Stand is mainly composed of three parts: bracket, slide rail and cartridge.
The maximum travel distance of the film box is 1100 mm.
The maximum photographic size is 356 mm x 432 mm (14 “x17”).
When installing, attention should be paid to overlapping the vertical center of the film box with the center of the X-ray Tube on the flat hard ground 180 cm away from the X-ray Tube. After correct adjustment, 4 M8 expansion screws are installed in the through hole centers of 4 φ8.5 at the bottom of the column of the alignment device by electric hammer drilling, and then tightened.

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