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Why use a chest film stand

The filming stand is also called the chest film stand. The chest film machine is matched with the medical X-ray machine. It can be used with various X-rays and supporting devices. It can perform chest, head, abdomen, pelvis, etc. X-ray inspection of various parts of the human body, such as bones, is easy to use, and it is a necessary routine equipment for the radiology department (room) of a medical unit.
Chest film stand is one of the important auxiliary equipment for human body photography. First of all, we need to know that X-ray is a kind of ray, which is a kind of energetic electromagnetic wave or radiation. In medicine, X-rays are used to project the human body to form images, which are used to assist diagnosis or irradiate lesions for treatment.
The chest film stand has simple structure, convenient loading and unloading of the X-ray box, small imaging distortion, low cost, and continuous X-ray shooting, which is convenient for patients and improves work efficiency.
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