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X-ray chest stand is easy to operate

The X-ray chest stand is an important part of the X-ray machine.It is also one of the important equipment for body photography.
Bucky stand can avoid radiation to normal tissues and organs in other parts of the body when giving X-ray examination to patients, which makes it easier for medical staff to work.
The Newheek X-ray chest stand is easy to install and does not require an engineer to install it. The upright X-ray chest stand only requires a percussion drill to install it.
X ray chest stand is easy to operate
Newheek can provide you with X-ray chest stand, vertical X-ray chest stand, wall mounted chest chest stand, mobile X-ray chest stand, vehicle-mounted chest chest stand, electric X-ray chest stand, DRx ray chest stand and many other types.
Our X-ray chest stand is about two meters high, simple in structure and elegant in appearance.Secondly, the chest film frame can receive three static imaging methods: film imaging, IP board and flat panel detector.
If you have any questions about our X-ray chest stand, feel free to contact us.

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