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X ray chest stand is used for X-ray machines

The x ray chest stand is matched with the medical X-ray machine. Recently, many customers have asked whether our x ray chest stand can be used with the X-ray machine. X ray chest stand is a up-and-down radiographic assistant device, a up-and-down radiographic device. With a variety of X-ray machines supporting the use of the chest, head, abdomen, pelvis and other parts of the human body X-ray examination, easy to use, is a necessary conventional medical unit radiology equipment.
The lifting mode of X ray chest stand can be divided into motor and manual.The mounting method is divided into formal mounting and side mounting.
For vertical x ray chest stand, bucky was a new open door type and equipped with imported high-ratio fixed filter grid. Close distance from panel to film. Minimum distortion.Automatic lift lock device, manual motion, mechanical lock. The X ray chest stand has beautiful shape, convenient operation and reliable operation.
There are various types of Newheek X ray chest stand, which can match any recording machine from working frequency to high frequency. The standard X ray chest stand is equipped with Korean imported filter grid. The appearance of the X-ray chest stand is beautiful, stable in quality, and the repair rate of the X ray chest stand is nearly zero.
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