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X-ray vertical perspective bucky stand

Does Newheek's bucky stand contain a filter grille

The utility model belongs to an X-ray standing fluoroscopic body position fixing frame, which mainly comprises a carrier frame 1, a carrier cassette 2, a plexiglass separator 3, a rigid foam with a certain slope, a transparent polyester film 5, and a body position.

The fixed platen 7, the seat plate 12, the T-shaped steel plate 19, and a rotary lifting and fixing mechanism capable of measuring an angle are configured.

The utility model is characterized in that the fixing frame can be used for the uncooperative infants and young children to make a chest and abdomen multi-angle perspective, a point piece and a standing chest and abdomen piece, and can also take a multi-angle film for the collaborators.

Infant position fixation can be completed in 10 seconds.

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