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X ray wall bucky inquiry

X-ray wall bucky is an important part of body photography inspection. Recently, many people have consulted our bucky stand. The customer consulted X-ray wall bucky, which is used for DR flat panel detector and requires the filter grid.
At present, the client USES a simple one, and he wants to match the moving base. Our X-ray wall bucky can be divided into fixed type, mobile type and wall type. According to the lifting methods of bucky, it is divided into manual lifting and electric lifting.
X ray wall bucky inquiry
The box sizes are 14 × 17 and 17 × 17 inches.According to our classification, customers can easily and clearly describe the type they want.The customer wanted to use it in Africa, so he wanted to use the manual lifting mobile X-ray wall bucky. Our X-ray wall bucky can be configured with a movable base, which can be moved and is more convenient to use.
Newheek x ray wall bucky can be divided into a variety of types and models, which can meet your different procurement needs.

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