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Zambian client asked for vertical bucky stand

The Zambian customer consulted the vertical bucky stand by sending an email on Newheek website. We immediately contacted the customer by whatsapp for detailed information through the contact information left by the customer.
Asked the customer if the vertical bucky stand could be used with a flat panel detector, the customer replied, no, the digital imaging system is too expensive, they are using the CR system now, hoping to find a cheap vertical bucky stand.We recommended the NK17SB wall-mounted bucky stand to the customer and explained that this rack can be adapted to their IP board of CR system , and the price is cheaper. Besides, the bucky stand itself is lighter, so the freight price will not be too high.The customer likes this bucky stand very much. He will report the situation to his leader and then reply to us. He also sent us the address information and asked us to help calculate the freight.
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