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A customer consults mobile bucky stand

Recently, a customer inquired about our mobile bucky stand. As everyone knows, the vertical bucky stand is an accessory equipment of the X-ray machine. It uses the combination of the existing medical X-ray machine and this device in the medical institution, and works with the CR or DR detector to assist the X-ray machine to complete the human head. , Chest, abdomen, pelvic cavity and other parts of the radiography to achieve the purpose of diagnosis of the lesion

The customer’s request is to be cheap, the largest is 17*17 boxes. I sent our product catalog to the customer, and the customer finally chose the wall-mounted mobile bucky stand. This mobile bucky stand can hold 1417 or 1717 cassettes, CR boards or DR detectors. This mobile bucky stand looks like this:
Many people have seen this mobile bucky stand, and I believe they have a certain understanding of it, so today I will talk about what should be paid attention to during product maintenance:
1. Maintenance
(1) The maintenance personnel must comply with the relevant regulations on equipment maintenance. Maintenance personnel who are not authorized by us shall not repair the equipment without authorization;
(2) After the equipment is repaired, all safety-related devices must be checked before use;
2. Maintenance
Care should be taken to maintain the product during use to ensure that the product works normally and gives full play to its effectiveness.
(1) The machine room should be kept clean and dry frequently, and all surfaces should be wiped frequently without dust and debris;
(2) Regularly check whether the bearing is damaged, and if necessary, apply clean grease after cleaning.
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