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Mobile DR bucky stand

Recently, a customer asked about the mobile DR bucky stand. What is mobile DR bucky stand? The mobile DR bucky stand is a mobile DR camera stand. At present, the bucky stand produced by our Newheek can meet this requirement. First of all, our mobile DR bucky stand, because of the addition of a mobile base, at the same time, there are brake wheels on the mobile base,
So it can be used as a fixed bucky stand, and it can be moved back and forth between rooms. It can not only move but also saves the trouble of fixing on the ground. Therefore, the mobile bucky stand has always been very popular with customers.
Let’s talk about the mobile DR bucky stand. This bucky stand is specially designed for flat panel detectors. Because the current flat panel detector technology is relatively high, the difference between using a grid and not using a grid is not very big, so this bucky stand does not have a place to place the grid.
Since the cassette is open, it is more convenient to operate. This mobile DR bucky stand is shown in the picture:

Configuration of chest bucky X ray

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