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Adjustable bucky stand

Since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic in 2020, the procurement of medical supplies has become the top priority of many hospitals. And our bucky stand has become one of the hottest products. Recently, many customers have inquired about the adjustable bucky stand. Speaking of bucky stand, according to the type of power, our company mainly has two types, manual bucky stand and electric cbucky stand. Both of these are adjustable chest X-ray frames. The manual bucky stand completes the adjustment of the film position by manually adjusting the lifting of the film box.
The electric bucky stand completes the lifting of the film box through electric remote control. Regardless of the type of cbucky stand, the up and down stroke of the film box is more than one meter, and the specific position of the film box can be selected according to the needs of the customer to complete the shooting of different parts. Therefore, it is an adjustable bucky stand.
According to whether it is mobile or not, our company’s camera racks can be divided into fixed bucky stand and mobile bucky stand. The fixed bucky stand are fixed on the ground with expansion screws, and the mobile bucky stand have a mobile base. It can be moved bucky stand and forth between rooms, but the position of the film box is adjustable, so it is also an adjustable bucky stand.
In addition, we at Newheek also have many different types of bucky stand, including simple and cost-effective wall-mounted film racks, special DR bucky stand for DR film boxes, and side-out bucky stand that can be placed on grids. , There is also a cart-type bucky stand suitable for out-of-office physical examinations. If you also need an adjustable camera stand, please contact us!

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