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Advantages of electric mobile bucky stand

Electrically movable bucky stand is a popular type of chest film holder for customers. The electrically movable bucky stand is easy to use and simple to operate.
Electrically movable bucky stand  is an auxiliary equipment in radiology department. It is mainly used to take X-ray photographs of cranium, chest, abdomen and joints by cooperating with various X-ray machines. The electrically movable chest frame is a medical X-ray photographic device, which is used in conjunction with the medical X-ray machine.
Introduction to wall bucky installation
Because of the advantages of easy operation and small area, electrically movable bucky stand has become a routine medical device in hospitals at all levels.
The electrically movable bucky stand is a kind of photographic assistant device which can move up and down. It can control the rise and fall of the film box by electric device and remote control. The electrically movable bucky stand also has a movable device, which can move the position of the chest rack at will. It is a convenient type of chest rack. The electric and mobile characteristics of the electrically movable bucky stand make the electrically movable chest frame become the necessary medical equipment in radiology department of hospitals at all levels.

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