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The USA epidemic remains serious

Milepost published the name novel coronavirus pneumonia, the death of the 100 thousand Americans, and the names and age and identity of 1000 new crown pneumonia victims. The 100 thousand people died as a “milestone” and pointed out that “these 1000 people are only one percent of the dead, they are not just numbers.” It’s sad and shocking that so many lives have disappeared. Previously, the federal government had been emphasizing that “everything is under control” and “it will definitely end well”. But now there is a lack of preparation for medical staff and medical equipment such as bucky stand.

The number of new crown deaths in the United States is approaching 100000 due to a lack of necessary equipment, such as bucky stand. The front page of the New York Times, published on May 24, published the names, ages and occupations of 1000 deceased people. The dense layout gave a strong visual shock. They can’t get the examination in the hospital, the hospital’s carrying capacity is insufficient, and they lack the bucky stand to chest film in response to the epidemic

The virus has no national boundaries, the epidemic situation is racial, and it attacks all human beings. At the beginning of the outbreak, public opinion in the United States once thought that the new coronavirus was an “equalizer” and everyone could win. However, as the epidemic continues to spread, it can be seen from news reports that minority (mainly African-American, Hispanic) and elderly groups account for a high proportion of deaths in the United States. Our company produces bucky stand and exports them to foreign countries. We have made great contributions to the world epidemic war. Welcome to our company for consultation

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