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Advantages of mobile bucky stand

Some customers asked Newheek mobile bucky stand compared with fixed bucky stand what advantages.In the past, fixed bucky stands were used in hospitals, which were fixed on the floor or hung on the wall in a special room. Patients stood in front of the bucky stand when taking pictures, and doctors adjusted the position of the film cassette according to the patient’s height and the position needed to be taken.But over time, doctors found it inconvenient to shooting for patients with mobility problems, and patients were unable to move to the room reserved for the shooting.In order to solve this problem, we designed a movable base for the fixed bucky stand, that is, the bucky stand fixed to the ground or hanging on the wall is fixed to a movable base. When the patient is not convenient to move, we can push the camera frame in front of the patient for shooting.
Later, with the continuous strengthening of people’s health awareness, more and more people pay attention to physical examination. At this time, the advantages of mobile bucky stand are more obvious, which can meet all the functions of stationary bucky stand and make the operation of film taking more convenient.
Newheek provides fixed, mobile, manual, electric and other bucky stands according to customers’ requirements. If you are interested in bucky stands, welcome to contact us.
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