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Advantages of wall bucky stand

The wall bucky stand is an indispensable and important part in medical treatment. Medical imaging is a science that USES various means to bring part of the information of human body’s structure, tissue, biophysical and chemical characteristics, interorganizational relations and other information out of the body, to be displayed in various display media, and to provide clinical diagnosis, treatment, analysis and statistics basis. With the increasing demand for medical imaging equipment, more and more imaging equipment emerge. Vertical wall bucky stand is mainly used for X-ray photography of various parts of human body, such as skull, chest, abdomen and joints, etc. by cooperating with various X-ray machines. Wall bucky stand is a photographic auxiliary device that can move up and down.
wall bucky stand
Newheek wall bucky stand is compact in appearance, compact in structure and novel in appearance. Fixed bracelet bolts are used for positioning, which covers a small area and is easy to operate.The distance from the panel to the film is short and the photographic distortion is small.
Newheek wall bucky stand comes in several types and models. According to the wall bucky stand, it can be divided into fixed type, mobile type and hanging type. Can meet the needs of different customers.

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