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Type of side loading bucky assembly

bucky assembly
A client consulted the bucky assembly. His flat plate is a wired flat plate with a size of 14 “X17”. Because it is a wired flat plate, the bucky assembly needs a filter bar, so we recommend a side mounted bucky assembly.
We have two kinds of side mounted bucky assembly, one is manual bucky assembly and the other is electric bucky assembly.
The box lifting mode of the manual bucky assembly is manual movement. The side of the bucky assembly has buttons to fix the bucky assembly. When the box is moved, the box is first moved to the button to loosen the box. After the adjustment, the button is fixed and the box is fixed.
The electric bucky assembly is an electric device added to the manual bucky assembly, which uses the electric button instead of the manual one, and presses the button to adjust the lift of the cartridge.

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