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Application of electric bucky stand

Recently, electric bucky stand are becoming more and more popular in hospitals.The bucky stand can be configured with different X-ray machines, which can be used for X-ray examination of the head, chest, abdomen, pelvis and other parts of the human body, so as to meet the requirements of upright position shooting of patients.Newheek frame is simple in structure, easy to take in box, low in distortion and cost, and can continuously take pictures, which is convenient for patients and improves work efficiency.
The electric bucky stand can be divided into fixed and mobile bucky stands. The camera box can be moved up and down by the remote control, so that the doctor can adjust the position of the camera box according to the location of the patient.You can also choose to move the base according to the location of the shooting, which is convenient to push the frame to the location of the shooting.
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