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Application of X-ray Bucky Stand.

Introduction to wall bucky installation

The X-ray Bucky Stand can be used for X-ray examination of various parts of the human body such as the chest, head, abdomen and pelvis.

Newheek can offer breastplate sales for:

Doctors, surgeons, paramedics, hospital management professionals, wholesalers and distributors of medical equipment.

Our c X-ray Bucky Stands are of high quality, moderate price and perfect after-sales service.

There are many types of X-ray Bucky Stands: fixed X-ray Bucky Stands, mobile X-ray Bucky Stands, manual X-ray Bucky Stands, electric chest radios, and chest mounts for side and side panels.

Can be combined in a variety of ways, receive customization, and provide customers with quality service.

Wall stand imaging

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