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Auxiliary design equipment bucky stand

The Vertical bucky stand in the bucky stand sounds like a bracket-like auxiliary device. So what exactly is the Vertical bucky stand and how is it defined?

Vertical bucky stand is mainly used to cooperate with various X-ray machines to perform X-ray photography of various parts of the human body such as the skull, chest, abdomen and joints. The vertical chest frame is a camera auxiliary device that can move up and down. Thus, the Vertical bucky stand is an auxiliary medical device.

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Let me introduce you to Newheek vertical bucky stand.

Newheek bucky stand can be assembled into different types according to actual application:
1. Bucky Size: 14”x17” or 17”x17”
2. Fixed Type or Mobile Type
3. DR wireless type or DR wire type
4. Manual Type or Electric Type

Newheek bucky stand X-ray machine for X-ray machine for head, chest, abdomen and joints, etc., can get good image quality.
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