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Advantages of Newheek bucky stand

Newheek’s hot products are hand switch, high voltage cable, collimator and bucky stand. Each hot product is subdivided into different models, each with different characteristics.
Today, I will mainly explain to you about Newheek’s hot product, the bucky stand. First, let’s talk about classification. There are nine types of Newheek bucky stand: NK14SG, NK14DG, NKDRSG, NKDRDG, NK17SG, NK17DG, NKDRSY, NKDRDY and Wall-mounted bucky stand. These nine bucky stands each have their own characteristics. Let’s talk about it next time. Let’s take a look at the advantages of the Newheek bucky stand.
Bucky stand combination mode

Newheek bucky stand can be assembled into different types according to actual application:
1. Bucky Size: 14”x17” or 17”x17”
2. Fixed Type or Mobile Type
3. DR wireless type or DR wire type
4. Manual Type or Electric Type
NewheekNewheek bucky stand with fixed bracelet bolt positioning, small footprint and easy operation
Newheek bucky stand panel to film distance is short, photographic distortion is small
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